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This Sunday

Easter services: 

Easter Thursday 8pm

Service of Shadows [Communion]

Good Friday  9am [Communion]

Message: ‘What does a King look like?’
Bible reading: John 18:28– 19:30
Preacher: Phil Waugh
Service leader: Anthony Gerber

Easter Sunday

Message:  ‘Fulfilled’
Bible Reading:  Luke 24:13-49
10.30am service:
Preacher:  Noel Wraight
Service Leader:   Carly Andrews 
6.00pm  Service:  
Preacher:   Noel Wraight
Service Leader: Carly Andrews  



































































































Message:  ‘Defiant Love and Simple Greed’
Bible Reading: Mark 14:1-11
4.00pm  Service:   
Preacher: Steve Cooper
Service Leader:  Greg Scott
6.00pm Service:   
Preacher: Steve Cooper 
Service Leader: Jono Shead