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Bible Study Notes

Bible study notes from our Current Preaching series are available to download:


The study notes from Luke's Gospel series at the PM service are attached to our sermons also available to watch on YouTube https://www.springwoodbaptist.org.au/sermons/ephesians/


Study notes from the Gospel of Matthew (Self-feeding program) at the AM services: 

Matthew 7:24-29 Hearing and obeying God's Word: Matthew7v24-29.pdf

Matthew 6:5-13 The Lord's Prayer Matthew6v5-13.pdf


The study notes from Ephesians series at the PM service are attached to our sermons also available to watch on YouTube https://www.springwoodbaptist.org.au/sermons/ephesians/


Study notes from the Galatians series at the AM services: 

Galatians 1 - Galatians1v1-24.pdf

Galatians 2:1-10 - Galatians-2v1-10.pdf

Galatians 2:11-21 - Galatians2v11-21.pdf

Galatians 3:1-14 - Galatians3v1-14.pdf

Galatians 3:15-22 - Galatians3v15-22.pdf

Galatians 3:23-4:7 - Galatians3v23-4v7.pdf

Galatians 4:8-20 - Galatians4v8-20.pdf

Galatians 4:21-31 - Galatians4v21-31.pdf

Galatians 5:1-12 - Galatians5v1-12.pdf

Galatians 5:13-25 - Galatians5v13-25.pdf

Galatians 6:1-10 -Galatians6v1-10.pdf

Galatians 6:11-18 - Galatians6v11-18.pdf



The study materials are attached to our sermons. Check this link https://www.springwoodbaptist.org.au/sermons/




The Peace  Jesus Brings - AdventWeek1.pdf


Life Together (Psalms) 

Life Together - LifeTogetherWeek1.pdf

Why it's hard to worship - PsalmsWeek2.pdf

Knowing God - PsalmsWeek3.pdf

Zoom Church - Spiritual Rhythms - PractisingtheWaysWeek2.pdf

The Art of Praise -PsalmsWeek4.pdf

True Worship - PsalmsWeek5.pdf

The Journey of Faith - JourneyOfFaith.pdf

Practicing the Way of Jesus - Sabbath - PractisingtheWaysWeek3.pdf

Silence and Solitude - PractisingtheWaysWeek4.pdf


Diving Deep (1 John series)

Deep Joy - DivingDeepWeek1.pdf

Deep Walk - DivingDeepWeek2.pdf

Deep Clean -DivingDeepWeek3.pdf

Deep Desire - DivingDeepWeek4.pdf

Deep Truth - DivingDeepWeek5.pdf

Deep Hope - DivingDeepWeek6.pdf

Deep Love - DivingDeepWeek7.pdf

Deep Certainty - DivingDeepWeek8.pdf


The Rule of God  

When God Rules, Everything is Good - RuleOfGodWeek1.pdf

Jesus in the Feast of Tabernacles - JesusinFeastofTabernacles.pdf

When God Rules, Humanity Flourishes - RuleOfGodWeek2.pdf

When God Rule is Rejected, Evil Triumphs - RuleOfGodWeek3.pdf

When God's Rule is Rejected, God Saves and Restores - RuleOfGodWeek6.pdf

When God's Rule is Rejected, God Still Rules - RuleOfGodWeek7.pdf


Naming our Idols

Relativism: A matter of perspective - [NamingOurIdolsWeek1.pdf

Loving Jesus - NamingOurIdolsWeek2.pdf

Happiness: It's what I deserve - NamingOurIdolsWeek3a.pdf

Pragmatism: It works, doesn't it? - NamingOurIdolsWeek4.pdf

Consumerism: The disease of more - NamingOurIdolsWeek5.pdf


Can Smart People Believe in God?

Knowledge and Worldview - SmartPeopleWeek1a.pdf

The Tough Questions - SmartPeopleWeek2.pdf

God's Revelations - SmartPeopleWeek3.pdf


The Transformed Church

The Transforming Church - ActsWeek1.pdf

The Unstoppable Church - ActsWeek2.pdf

The Empowering Church - ActsWeek3.pdf

The Community Church - ActsWeek4.pdf

The Serving Church - ActsWeek5.pdf



The Power of the Cross

Unity in the cross - PoweroftheCrossWeek1.pdf

WIsdom in the cross - PoweroftheCrossWeek2.pdf

Boasting in the cross -PoweroftheCrossWeek3.pdf


The Book of Ruth

Sweet and bitter faith - RuthWeek1.pdf

Under the wings of God - RuthWeek2.pdf

Strategic Righteousness - RuthWeek3.pdf

The best is yet to come - RuthWeek4.pdf



A vision for discipleship - VisionForDiscipleship.pdf


James:  Practical Wisdom

Ways to Live - JamesWeek8.pdf

The deadly danger of our wealth -JamesWeek7.pdf

It's wise to be humble - JamesWeek6.pdf

The tongue is mightier than the sword - JamesWeek5.pdf

Faith requires good work - JamesWeek4.pdf

No place for snobbery  -JamesWeek31.pdf

The Bible's warning label - JamesWeek2.pdf

Practical Wisdom - JamesWeek1PracticalWisdom.pdf


The Land in Between

Mission Jesus WayMissionJesusWay.pdf

When your marriage is in trouble -LandBetweenWeek2.pdf

When your children are struggling - LandBetweenWeek1.pdf



Same old, same old - EcclesiastesWeek1.pdf

Life's pot-holed road - EcclesiastesWeek2.pdf

The good life - EcclesiastesWeek3.pdf


Alone ( 5 Reformation Principles)

For the glory of God alone - AloneWeek1ForTheGloryOfGodAlone.pdf

Jesus alone is Lord - AloneWeek2ChristAlone.pdf

The Bible Alone - AloneWeek3ScriptureAlone.pdf

By Grace Alone - AloneWeek4GraceAlone.pdf

By Faith Alone - AloneWeek5FaithAlone.pdf


Work (Mini-series) 

Does our work matter? WorkWeek1DoesOurWorkMatter.pdf

Work is more than a curse - WorkWeek2BeyondTheGen3Curse.pdf

Workplace and mission - Workweek3ConnectingWorkwithGodsMission.pdf


Jesus in the Book of Matthew

The Challenge - MatthewWeek1TheChallenge.pdf

Old School Discipleship - MatthewWeek2OldSchoolDiscipleship.pdf

The Uhcontrollable Lord - MatthewWeek3UncontrollableLord.pdf

The Greatest Ever - MatthewWeek4TheGreatestEver.pdf

A New Identity - MatthewWeek5ANewIdentity.pdf

The Upside down Kingdom - MatthewWeek6TheUpsideDownKingdom.pdf

Anxiety and the Kingdom of God - MatthewWeek8AnxietyTheKingdomofGod.pdf

What does it mean to surrender - MatthewWeek9WhatDoesItMeanToSurrender.pdf



Trusted Promises

Trusted Promises - MatthewWeek1TrustedPromises.pdf

God's Sovereignity - MatthewWeek2GodsSovereignty.pdf

Make a Statement - MatthewWeek3MakeAStatement.pdf

Making the Right Choice - MatthewWeek4MakingRightChoices.pdf

Get in right with God - MatthewWeek5GetRightWithGod1_1.pdf


The Bible Doesn't Say That

Do Not Judge Others - BibleDoesntSayThatWeek1.pdf

Suffering Always come from sin - BibleDoesntSayThatWeek2.pdf


Back to the Start (From the Book of Amos)

Introduction to Amos - AmosIntroduction.pdf

Ethics - AmosWeek1Ethics.pdf

No excuse for injustice -AmosWeek2Justice.pdf

No Fake Worship - AmosWeek3NoFakeWorship.pdf

The Wrath of God - AmosWeek4TheWrathofGod.pdf

Incredible Grace - AmosWeek5IncredibleGrace.pdf


Honouring God

Introductory Study - HonouringGodWeek1.pdf

Mission - HonouringGodWeek2.pdf

Honour God's word - HonouringGodWeek3.pdf

Giving weight to the word - HonouringGodWeek4.pdf

Honouring God in hard times - HonouringGodWeek5.pdf

Honouring the Father - HonouringGodWeek6.pdf

The Place of Humility in Honouring God - HonouringGodWeek7.pdf

The Life of Humility - HonouringGodWeek8.pdf

Honourable Workers, Vessels and Servants - HonouringGodWeek9.pdf

Declare God's Glory and Honour - HonouringGodWeek10.pdf



The God Questions

Is God real? - GodQuestionsWeek1.pdf

Is the Bible true? GodQuestionsWeek2.pdf

With all the religions in the world, how can I know which religion is right? GodQuestionsWeek3.pdf

WIth all the pain in the world, how can there really be a God? - GodQuestionsWeek4.pdf

WIth all that we learned in school about evolution, how can Genesis 1 be true GodQuestionsWeek5.pdf


Changed (from Ephesians 4)

Living worthy of the calling - ChangedEph4Week1.pdf

Christian unity - ChangedEph4Week2.pdf

The power to change - ChangedEph4Week3.pdf

TIme to grow up - ChangedEph4Week4.pdf

Growing to a Christ-like future - ChangedEph4Week5.pdf



Refute the Norm (from Mark's Gospel)

Party with the sinners - RefuteTheNormWeek1.pdf

Do the new thing - RefuteTheNormWeek2.pdf

Faith that terrifies - RefuteTheNormWeek3.pdf

God uses nobodies - RefuteTheNormWeek4.pdf

Defying religion to serve God - RefuteTheNormWeek5.pdf

Breaking the rules -RefuteTheNormWeek6.pdf

Desire slavery - RefuteTheNormWeek7.pdf

A dangerous Message - RefuteTheNormWeek8.pdf

Mark 13 - RefuteTheNormWeek9.pdf

Defiant love and simple greed - RefuteTheNormWeek10.pdf


Discipleship (Mini-series) 

Calling - Week1Discipleship.pdf

Obedience - Week2Discipleship.pdf

5 Ways to Engage - Week3Discipleship.pdf


Lessons from Malachi

The Passionate God: Love - Malachi1StudiesinMalachiRediscoveringGodsLoveMal1.pdf

The Passionate God: Jealousy - StudiesinMalachi1-6-14Wk2_1.pdf

God's Passionate Relationship - StudiesinMalachiWk3RediscoveringAweforGod.pdf

The Passionate God: Justice - Malachi2.17-3.5Wk4.pdf

God's Passionate Challenge - StudiesinMalachi3-6-12Wk5.pdf


Baptism & Membership

Baptism - Week1BaptismMembership.pdf

Belong - Week2BaptismMembership.pdf

Belonging - Week3BaptismMembership.pdf

Belong to Discipleship - Week4BaptismMembership.pdf


High Voltage Marriage

The Power of Forgiveness - Week1HighVoltageMarriage.pdf

Only God Fulfils - Week2HighVoltageMarriage.pdf


Rebels Guide to Joy (Philippians)

Introduction - Week1Philippians.pdf

Joy In Loneliness -Week2Philippians.pdf

Joy In Suffering - Week3Philippians.pdf

Joy in the Face of Death - Week4Philippians3_1.pdf

Joy in Humility - Week5Philippians1.pdf

Joy in Service and Sacrifice - Week6Philippians.pdf

Joy in Conflict - Week7Philippians.pdf

Joy in Exhaustion - Week8Philippians.pdf

Joy in Anxiety - Week9Philippians.pdf

Joy in Poverty - Week10Philippians.pdf


Vital Worship

Passionate Worship - VitalWorshipWeek1.pdf

Breathing out Praise - VitalWorshipWeek2.pdf

Washed by the Spirit - VitalWorshipWeek3.pdf

Love and Obedience -VitalWorshipWeek4.pdf

Discipleship Values

Equipped for Mission - Week6DiscipleshipValues.pdf

Being Transformed - Week5DiscipleshipValues.pdf

Mission Field - Week4DiscipleshipValues.pdf

Spiritual Gifts - Week3DiscipleshipValues.pdf

Creating Inclusive Community - Week2DiscipleshipValues.pdf

Come, follow, learn from and obey Jesus -  Week1DiscipleshipValues1.pdf


Warts & All (1 Corinthians)

Call to stand firm - WartsAllWeek10.pdf

Call to Love and Unity - WartsAllWeek9.pdf

Uplifting worship - WartsAllWeek8.pdf

Use of Freedom - WartsAllWeek7.pdf

Dishonourable - WartsAllWeek6.pdf

Misuse of Freedom - WartsAllWeek5.pdf

Marriage - WartsAllWeek4.pdf

Immorality - WartsAllWeek3.pdf

Boasting - WartsAllWeek1_1.pdf

Division - WartsAllWeek2.pdf


Vision Sunday - Christian Character - 2017FocusChristianCharacter.pdf

Names of God

El Elyon - NamesOfGodWeek1.pdf

El Roi - NamesOfGodWeek2.pdf

Yahweh - NamesOfGodWeek3.pdf

El Shaddai - NamesOfGodWeek4.pdf

Yahweh explained - NamesOfGodWeek5.pdf

Jealous God - NamesOfGodWeek6.pdf

Jehovah Jirah - NamesOfGodWeek7.pdf

Emmanuel - God with us - NamesOfGodWeek8.pdf

Psalm (Responding to God)

Introduction to Psalm - RespondingToGodWeek11.pdf

Psalm 8 - RespondingToGodWeek2.pdf

Psalm 15 - RespondingToGodWeek3.pdf

Psalm 51- RespondingToGodWeek41.pdf

Psalm 56 - RespondingToGodWeek5.pdf

Psalm 30 - RespondingToGodWeek6.pdf

Psalm 32 - RespondingToGodWeek7.pdf

Psalm 20 - RespondingToGodWeek8.pdf

Psalm 132 - RespondingToGodWeek9.pdf

Psalm 73 - RespondingToGodWeek10.pdf


Unstoppable Force: Book of Acts

The Kingdom of God - UnstoppableForceWeek1.pdf
Sermon date: 1st May AM & 8th May PM by Phil Waugh
Power to Proclaim - UnstoppableForceWeek2.pdf
Sowing and Reaping - UnstoppableForceWeek3.pdf
Thriving Communities - UnstoppableForceWeek4.pdf
Sermon date: 8th May AM & 22 May PM by Noel Wraight
God’s Power Displayed - UnstoppableForceWeek5.pdf
Threats & Backlash - UnstoppableForceWeek6.pdf
Encountering God - UnstoppableForceWeek7.pdf
Embracing God's Vision - UnstoppableForceWeek8.pdf
Bridge-Building - UnstoppableForceWeek9.pdf

Lasting Fruit:

Fruit of Resurrection - LastingFruitStudy6.pdf
Sermon date: 3rd April 2016 AM & 10 April 2016 PM by Phil Waugh
Fruit of the Spirit - LastingFruitStudy5.pdf
Sermon date: 13 March 2016 AM & 3rd April 2016 PM by Noel Wraight
Unity - LastingFruitStudy4.pdf
Sermon date: 6 March 2016 AM & 13 March 2016 PM by Phil Waugh
Serving - LastingFruitStudy3.pdf
Sermon date: 28 February 2016 AM & 6 March 2016 PM by Noel Wraight
Obedience - LastingFruitStudy2.pdf
Sermon date: 21 February 2016 by Phil Waugh AM
It's God's Call - ItsyourcallGodJonah.docx.pdf
Sermon date: 21 February 2016 by Noel Wraight - PM
Vision Sunday - LastingfruitStudy1.pdf
Sermon dates: 7 February 2016 (Noel Wraight) 14 February 2016 (Phil Waugh)

1 John:

Be on your guard - 7Dearchildrenbeonyourguard.pdf
Sermon date: 22 November AM & 29 November PM by Noel Wraight
Lay down your lives for others - 6Laydownyourlivesforothers.pdf
Sermon date: 8 November AM & 22 November PM by Phil Waugh
You have been born of God - 5YouhavebeenbornofGod_1.pdf
Sermon date: 1 November AM & 8 November PM by Noel Wraight
Walk in the Truth - 4WalkintheTruth-IanC.pdf
Sermon date: 25 October AM & 1 November PM by Ian Commerford
Walk in Obedience - 3WalkinObedience.pdf
Sermon date: 18 October AM & 25 October PM by Phil Waugh
Walk in the Light - 2WalkintheLight.pdf
Sermon date: 11 October AM & 18 October PM by Peter Melbourne
Behold the Incarnate Word of Life - 11John1.1-4.pdf
Sermon date: 4 October AM & 11 October PM by Phil Waugh

Gospel Living:

The Gospel and Sexuality - 10TheGospelandSexuality.pdf
Sermon date: 13 September AM & 20 September PM by Phil Waugh
The Gospel and the Environment - 9TheGospelandtheEnvironment.docx.pdf
Sermon date: 6 September AM & 13 September PM by Phil Waugh
The Gospel and Violence - 8TheGospelandVIOLENCE.docx.pdf
Sermon date: 30 August AM & 6 September by Noel Wraight
The Gospel and Church  - 7TheGospelandChurch.pdf
Sermon date: 23 August AM & 30 August PM by Phil Waugh
The Gospel and Work  6TheGospelandWork.pdf
Sermon date: 16 August AM & 23 August PM by Peter Melbourne
Gospel and Addiction - 5TheGospelandADDICTION.pdf
Sermon date: 9 August AM & 16 August PM by Noel Wraight
The Gospel and Relationships - 4GospelandRELATIONSHIPS.pdf
Sermon date: 2 August AM & 9 August PM by Phil Waugh
The Gospel and Money - 3GospelandMONEY.pdf
Sermon date: 26 July AM & 2 August PM by Noel Wraight
The Gospel and Family -  2GospelandFamily.pdf 
Sermon date: 19 July AM  & 26 July PM by Phil Waugh
The Gospel and Me - TheGospelandME.pdf
Sermon date: 12 July AM & 19 July PM by Noel Wraight


Haggai - Haggai1_2.pdf
Sermon date: 5 July AM & 12 July PM by Noel Wraight

Spiritual Discipline:

Fasting - SpiritualDisciplines-Fasting.pdf
Sermon date: 28 June AM & 5 July PM by Noel Wraight
New Tunes, Old Songs -OldSongNewTunes-AndrewPalmer.pdf
Sermon date: 21 June 8.30, 10.30 & 6pm service - Andrew Palmer
Service - SpiritualDisciplines-Serving.pdf
Sermon Date: 14 June PM by Phil Waugh
Little Girl, Get up - LittleGirlGetUp-GaryIzzard_1.pdf
Sermon date: 07 June all services by Rev Gary Izzard
Discipling - Disciplingstudy_1.pdf -
Sermon date: 31 May AM & 28 June PM by Noel Wraight  
Simplicity - Simplicity.pdf
Sermon date: 17 May AM  & 31 May PM by Noel Wraight
The Bible - SpiritualDisciplines-TheBible.pdf
Sermon date: 10 May AM & 17 May PM by Phil Waugh
Prayer - SpiritualDisciplines-Prayer.pdf
Sermon date: 3 May AM & PM by Noel Wraight
Guidance -  2Guidance.pdf
Sermon date: 19 April AM & 26 April PM by Noel Wraight
Confession - 1ConfessionJames5.13-16.pdf
Sermon date: 12 April AM & 19 April PM by Phil Waugh


Disciples should be tiny - Disciplesshouldbetiny.pdf
Sermon date: 29 March AM & PM by Noel Wraight
Forgiven and forgiving disciple - ForgivenandForgivingDisciples_1.pdf
Sermon date: 15 March AM & 22 March PM by Noel Wraight 
Definition of a great disciple - Matthew111-11.pdf
Sermon date: 8 March AM & 15 March PM, by Phil Waugh 
Disciples and their money -  TheDiscipleandtheirmoney.pdf
Sermon date: 1 March PM & 22 March AM, by Phil Waugh
Discipleship and Mission: DiscipleshipandMission.pdf
Sermon date: 1 March AM & 8 March PM by Noel Wraight
The Cost of Discipleship: CostofDiscipleshipMatthew8.19-23.pdf
22 February AM & PM , by Phil Waugh
The Difference between faith and mercy: Idesiremercy.pdf
Two Faith Responses: TwofaithresponsesMatt8-1-13.pdf
Mercy or Sacrifice: MercyorsacrificeMatthew9-1-13.pdf

Pre-Christmas Series:

The One: 2TheOneJohn114-18.pdf
The Beginning: 1TheBeginningJohn11-5.pdf 

Characteristics of God:

The Holy God - 1HolyGodIs6.pdf
The Humble God -  2HumbleGod.pdf
The Hidden God - 3HiddenGod.pdf
The Intimate God - 4IntimateGodSongofSongs7.pdf

Covenants in the Old Testaments:

Covenant with Noah - GodofCovenant1-Noah-study.pdf
Covenant with Abraham - GodofCovenant2-Abraham-study.pdf
Covenant with Moses - GodofCovenant3-Moses-study.pdf
Covenant with David - GodofCovenant4-David-Study.pdf