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It's all about Jesus

We are serious! It really is all about Jesus. Often we hear people saying how they are spiritual but they have no time for organised religion. Our answer to that is Jesus. Its not about buildings or programs or the way you dress or who you like or what you look like. Its not a philosophy even. Its all about meeting and following Jesus.

Our Church exists to help people be disciples of Jesus. Behind everything we do is that one burning passion. Its something we get very excited about because we have found that Jesus is the answer to the problems, issues, challenges and aspirations of this world.

Now we don’t say that following Jesus is easy. It means that we have to learn to do things his way. His passion for the poor and oppressed must become ours. His concern to put others first must become ours. His claim to be the only one who can reconcile us to God and his gentle insistence that we allow him to be Lord are what we teach.

Following him is not something we learn in a week or a year. It is a journey that we are on together and that is the reason and purpose of our Church. If you are curious about Jesus - or curious about that journey, then we would love to swap stories and share our experiences with you.